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The icons in ms office 2007 in windows 7 lost their pictures due to the their icon files deletion in c:\windows\installer\ directory. So, recently it seems that i've been unable to open certain icons on my desktop.

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You can use a reliable data recovery tool to recover the files or folders with ease when desktop folders won't open or folder not opening.

Windows 7 icons won't open. Was trying to download wedding photos. Ive posted before but its been years and my original user seems to be lost. Also nothing happens when you press win key on your keyboard to launch start menu.

If windows 10 pc settings won’t open on your device, you can always reinstall the app using a simple powershell command. But i can't open things like steam, or various games that i've downloaded from steam. The search box under the start button does not work either.

And some effective tips are provided to fix folder not opening on double click issue. Each time the culprit was the same; When double clicking any of the shortcuts they would just launch windows media center.

Apple support asked me to reload the os using the procedure that would save data and it. To restore the icons you can download the original files which are deleted. Many people have complained that they try launching the software on their pc but itunes won’t open.

0x00000050.or it opens an explorer window which is blank. So basically start menu won't launch at all. Insert the installation media, the dvd or the usb, and boot from it

Modern versions of windows are better at recovering from this sort of thing. In windows 10, when you click on start button, the start menu doesn't open. Before following these fixes, go to general fixes if windows won’t start.

My laptop is showing windows help and support icon continuously: I have a couple of yahoo icon shortcuts on the monitor that won't work. The only program it will let me open is google chrome.

Restarting it can solve quite a few problems including the one where. New to apple and have a imac running tiger. Even when i go to the start menu and try from there it still won't open any program.

Laptop asked what to open it with. When i click on an icon shortcut on the desktop the computer sometimes crashes to a bsod error: It is possible because the settings app is counted among the official metro apps, so reinstalling it should solve most of the problems associated with it.

I have a yahoo email account as well as a flickr account and put shortcuts on the desktop so i wouldn't have to type to find the account. The words under my desktop icons are not there anymore either. Now, here is the tutorial.

They worked fine for a day but don't open now. When you press the first character to search for the start menu disappears. You may want to check it's status as well.

Also, it take a long time to shut down or restart, (about 2 min.) You can’t click on any desktop icons. I moved 2 of them to the 'safe' chest, but the third one was supposedly 'not found'.

A common problem faced by windows and ios users is itunes not opening on their windows computer. Windows explorer is the service that you use to explore your computer, browse files and so on. My problem is that quite a few of the desktop icons wont open, such as itunes, advanced system.

I can go into safe mode and the icons work fine including control panel. All the latest drivers would be installed properly, and you can observe a noticeable performance boost on your system. I then shut it down and did a boot scan with avast.

Oh no, all the icons on the desktop have become blank! When i up graded my windows to 8.1 i could not see my wireless icon when i open settings and no other wifii passwords or setti: If i hit the windows key on the keyboard nothing happens.

Windows 7 home premium windows 7 professional windows 7 ultimate. I have a one year old hp pc with windows 7. The corresponding icon in the dock works fine.

In windows 10 and windows 8, assuming you're using a keyboard or mouse, the fastest way is through the power user menu—just press the win (windows) key and the x key together. Sometimes windows apps won't open if windows update service is not running. I think it's got s.

How to resize display window to show start icons on task bar: (easy fix articles) content provided by microsoft. This method would surely solve your desktop icons not showing issue on windows 10, 8, 7 pc.if you have already tried advanced driver updater software, kindly share your experience in the comment section below!

“windows won’t boot” is a common symptom with a variety of causes, so you’ll need to perform some troubleshooting. In some versions of windows 10, you may also be able to open device manager directly from the start menu, as a submenu under control panel. Desktop icons won't open in windows 7?

Similarly to the windows vista or windows 7 steps to restore the mbr, use the windows 8 dvd or usb to perform the same bootrec commands: I keep on double clicking to open my desktop icons but they just won't open. My niece asked me take a look at her windows 7 laptop the other day to see if i could fix a problem she was having with her shortcuts.

(still need answer!) i have a desktop computer that won't open some (not all) of the icons. In services list find windows update service check if it's status is running. The start button and taskbar works fine.

The fourth solution to fix the issue that windows 10 action center won’t open is trying to modify the taskbar settings. The files can be downloaded at below link This is rather strange because itunes is compatible with windows 7 and later versions.

You can’t right click on the desktop. I upgraded from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate. You can’t left click on the desktop.

Have created icons by making aliases and placed them on the desktop. Yesterday, i did a scan with avast antivirus and it found 3 'threatening' files. Restarting the computer doesn't change.

The deletion may be due to some malfunctioning or can be by some cleanup utility. How to resolve an issue where all windows 7 desktop icons have become blank? Where windows xp might have stopped in its tracks when faced with this problem, modern versions of windows will try to automatically run startup.

This issue i have run across a few times over the last several months in windows xp, windows vista and windows 7. No icons on desktop, program on taskbar won't open on screen by woodmarx1 dec 29, 2017 11:52am pst i have windows 10 64 bit version and today when i go to the pc the screen only shows wallpaper. Fixes if windows 8 won’t start.

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